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Do you have acne, eczema, alopecia or another skin condition?

Have you tried everything, but nothing works?

Hi, I’m Eva! 


A certified clinical hypnotherapist specialising in chronic skin conditions and disorders. 


Whether you have acne, eczema, alopecia or another skin condition, my skills could help heal your skin.


Reduce or eliminate flare-ups

Reduce or eliminate discomfort (e.g. scratching and pain)

Improve sleep

Improve self-image

Easy and relaxing

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dip. Clin. Hyp., CHt. NLP Prac.

How is this possible?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful and scientifically backed treatment, that can help to significantly improve a broad spectrum of skin disorders, sometimes in as little as 4-6 sessions. Clinical hypnotherapy does not involve medications, creams, supplements, or diets. However, you can certainly continue to use these if required. So sit back, relax and let me help you to re-discover your own innate healing abilities, so that you get the support you need to improve the health of your skin.

Skin conditions and disorders

Acne is a skin condition that affects 9.4% of the global population.
Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is known to affect up to 20% of children and up to 10% of adults.
Alopecia areata is a condition that causes your hair to fall out in patches. These patches may connect and become more noticeable.


  • Psoriasis   
  • Rosacea
  • Herpes
  • Chronic urticaria
  • Vitiligo
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Shingles
  • Erythromegalia
  • Burns
  • Post-operative wound healing
  • Warts
  • Raynaud’s syndrome

Please note that I work with a broad range of skin conditions and disorders. If you don’t see your skin condition on the list, please contact me.


– Rosacea
– Herpes

-Chronic urticaria  -Herpes simplex  -Hyperhidrosis

– Acute herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia

– Lichen planus

– Erythromelalgia

– Glossodynia

– Rosacea

– Trichotillomania

– Chronic urticaria

– Herpes simplex

– Acute herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia

– Hyperhidrosis

– Lichen planus

– Erythromelalgia

– Glossodynia

– Rosacea

– Trichotillomania

Please note that I work with a broad range of skin conditions and disorders. If you don’t see your skin condition on the list, please contact me.

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10 Benefits of hypnotherapy or skin conditions and disorders

Improved self-esteem


Address any underlying emotional issues and promote a healthy self-image  

Reduce or eliminate stress related flare-ups


Stress is often a contributing factor for many skin conditions such as acne, eczema and alopecia

Reduce discomfort


 Reduce or eliminate the discomfort associated with many skin conditions, such as itching, burning and pain

Completely natural


Completely natural, scientifically backed and non-invasive treatment that can support your journey toward healthier skin 

Immune system support


Boost your immune system, which can benefit overall

skin health

10 Benefits of hypnotherapy for skin conditions and disorders

Habit reversal  


Improve or reverse skin picking, itching, touching or hair pulling 

Improve overall wellbeing


 Interrupt the stress cycle, which can improve overall wellbeing and help bring the body back into back into balance

Cost effective 


Treatment can often be quite brief and can help to reduce future flare-ups 

Use with other treatments


Can be combined with other treatments 



Easy and relaxing compared to other treatments 

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Our FAQs

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a deliberately induced, deep state relaxation which allows your unconscious mind to become more accessible and receptive to positive suggestions and change. Through the power of suggestion and guided relaxation techniques, I can empower you improve your skin condition by helping trigger your innate healing abilities, which can promote healing of your skin on the deepest level.  

Hypnotherapy can be used to help a broad range of skin conditions, including (but not limited to) acne, eczema, alopecia but also many others. It is particularly effective for conditions exacerbated by stress or psychological factors. In fact, a study found that A wide spectrum of dermatologic disorders may be improved or cured using hypnosis as an alternative or complementary therapy, including acne excoriée, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, dyshidrotic dermatitis, erythromelalgia, furuncles, glossodynia, herpes simplex, hyperhidrosis, ichthyosis vulgaris, lichen planus, neurodermatitis, nummular dermatitis, postherpetic neuralgia, pruritus, psoriasis, rosacea, trichotillomania, urticaria, verruca vulgaris, and vitiligo.’

The skin and the central nervous system develop together in utero and are strongly interconnected. As a result, stress can weaken the CNS (central nervous system) and in turn negatively affect the epidermis. Hypnotherapy addresses the mind-body connection, promoting deep relaxation, reducing stress levels, and changing the conditioned response. As a result, hypnotherapy can be particularly effective in providing relief and promoting healing from within. By tapping into the power of the unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can have profoundly positive effects, helping individuals dissolve any underlying psychological or emotional triggers for their skin conditions and activating their own innate and unconscious skin-healing abilities. 

Yes, clinical hypnotherapy can be combined with other treatments for skin conditions.  

Are there scientific studies supporting hypnotherapy for skin conditions? 

There are numerous studies that support the efficacy of hypnotherapy to help treat skin conditions.

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